About Daniel

Words have their own sounds, rhythms, colors, and feelings that fascinate me. When I’m sitting at the piano or with my guitar and a quick burst of emotion forms a melody, it’s not long before words begin to weave their way into the fabric of sound. Usually a phrase will form, an insistent string of words to tell me what the song wants to be about. The character or characters, the situation, and the emotions they’re feeling reveal themselves and off I go. I never get tired of this process. These songs are from my heart and I can only hope they will find a place in yours as well. Don’t despair, love is coming!
~Daniel Conley

In 2014, Daniel Conley picked up a pen and has not put it down. That’s when, after spending much of his life just outside New York City, Daniel moved upstate to Albany, NY. Daniel’s songwriting goes back decades, but the wealth of creativity in the Capital Region reignited his passion.

Daniel released two full albums in the past year. “Crooked Mile” (2017) and “Myth of Me” (2018) offer a hefty collection of 26 songs. As evidenced by his daily writing and frequent collaboration with producers Chris Carey and Adam Clairmont, there are more where those came from. A LOT more.